Wychbold: DeliVita - Cooking with Fire 2022

Bought a pizza oven this summer and want to learn some new skills to impress friends and family?

Join Food at Webbs and Marco, our DeliVita Chef with his DeliVita Outdoor Wood Fired Oven and learn how to cook with fire! Yes, there’s pizza - but also a selection of tasty meat dishes to cook quickly so you have more time to relax in the garden!

Drinks are provided throughout the event where you'll cook and eat all of the food produced during the course. At the end of the course you’ll receive your own pizza starter kit including DeliVita organic dough balls, Mutti Italian Pizza Sauce, Mozarella & a Webbs basil plant to plant out in the garden.

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Saturday 13th August 2022

Wychbold: DeliVita - Cooking with Fire 2022
Webbs, Wychbold

Wychbold: DeliVita - Cooking with Fire 2022
Webbs, Wychbold

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